Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Signage

We are all familiar with advertising on billboards and posters…it’s static and non-interactive. Now imagine having an LCD monitor in place of that paper poster…with an unlimited number of video, animation and design elements for you to make whatever you want. Imagine the possibilities.

Media CLOUD is a cloud based Digital Signage (also known as SaaS or software as a service). All of your media files (videos, animations etc) are stored on our servers and stream down to get locally cached within your local players/computers. You get all the support and software updates at no additional charge.

Media SERVER is a privately hosted server solution. The server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. All the licenses for the players/computers running are also owned and managed by you, within your network or with your internet service provider. With the Media SERVER you do not pay a subscription fee; however, there is an optional update and support annual fee.

Are you a business? Do you have a message you want to get across to potential customers? Do you want to reach a captive audience using an effective and efficient method that will allow your company to up sell and cross sell either your product or service? Then yes, digital signage is right for you. MediaSignage makes the transition into the new medium effortless and inexpensive. Best of all with MediaSignage you can run your signage on any flash powered device including the web, mobile and portable devices.

Wherever you can hang an LCD monitor and reach potential customers…THAT’S where you can use digital signage. The possibilities are endless: Retail Education Leisure Public Transport Museums Entertainment Gas Stations Public Spaces Restaurants and menu systems Hospitality and more…

MediaSignage is powered by 128 bit SSL encryption. Multiple levels of authentication are used for user level access. Powered by RSA Authentication, all media is accessible using public / private keys allowing for the highest level of access restrictions for your private data. Our Adobe AIR application is SSL signed and approved.

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow your country’s copyright laws. MediaSignage Inc. will not be responsible for any copyright infringements associated with your account. Be sure you receive full written approval for media and content used in your signage presentation. MediaSignage Inc. will remove content which was brought to our attention as a violator of any copyright laws.

Sure, when you purchase the mediaSERVER you can white label/brand your solution. This means that when the Player install from your web site it will have your Logo, also when the SignagePlayer restarts it displays your brand. All aspects of the SignageStudio are also branded including images, Links and even URLs.

System Requirements

The MediaSignage SignagePlayer can run on low-end devices with as little as an 800MHz processor with Win XPe SP3 (embedded XP). Of course, you will be limited to simpler videos (no HD) and simpler swf animation due to the lack of processing power.

You can use any display such as a Computer monitor, LCD or Plasma which supports PC input.

No, dynamic IPs are fully supported. In fact, our system is smart enough to move into polling mode and bypass firewall restrictions if need be.

No, the installation process is straight forward and it will walk you through a setup wizard. Be sure to provide a clean operating system (no other software should be installed on the OS) to prevent driver and library conflicts.