Manage your signage from anywhere in the world


Digital Signage cloud-based digital software gives you the ability to manage all your digital signage content cost-effectively, from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

There is no hardware or software to install, which in turn means that scalability across multiple sites from a single screen to thousands is available by simply purchasing licenses and applying them to the relevant hardware.

Have the power to connect seamlessly with your target audience in real time, whilst ensuring you are delivering engaging and relevant content. Getting started is easy as Digital Signage comes with a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL as well as free online support.

Digital Signage integrates with these leading hardware vendors:

Samsung – Samsung System on Chip (SoC) or Smart Signage is one of the best and most cost-effective options, for projects ranging from one screen to hundreds, as there is no need for an external player.
LG WebOS – All in one signage,
similar to Samsung.
Vision Media Player – Intel-based embedded PC device with dual HDMI output
Any Windows PC
IAdea – Android-based devices (media players & digital signboards)

Digital Signage Anywhere

Signagelive users are spread across different industries and sectors, including retail, education, banking, stadiums, transport and many more:


Display real-time promotions targeted to particular users at given times

Reduces costs associated with traditional printed materials
Daily, weekly or seasonal promotions and pricing can be updated in real time


Cost-effective communication to assist both staff & patients

Improved patient experience – waiting for time displays & check-ins
Wayfinding signage to keep up with building changes


Improve communication for staff, pupils & visitors, providing up to the minute   information and showcase achievements

Reduce costs from printed format displays to show event notices updated in real time & different schedules
Give ability for each department to stand out in open days

Internal / Corporate Communications

Ensure effective corporate guidelines are followed across multiple sites (including branding etc)

Reach all employees in all locations
Ensure employees are kept informed on key business matters; from sales KPIs to HR updates
Cover reception areas with relevant live TV feed, blended with corporate messages
Keep employees entertained whilst they eat in the canteen

Extra Flexibility

Digital Signage integrates with PC driven displays to add extra functionality and ease of use.

With LG WebOS, for example, users can control:

Screen orientation
Panel on/off schedule
Transparent image layer
Forward scheduling
Media file playback (no need for additional media player)

Digital Signage Features


Create Beautiful Screens

Digital signage is to inform and communicate through digital screens. It can, for example, be used in offices, public places, in restaurants and within retail.

Signage can be used with any type of digital screen, in any size and the screen can be mounted in either portrait or landscape view.

You divide your screen into surfaces. To each surface, you publish text, images, video, HTML/web content, documents (PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.) or quick notes, which is Signage own, the template-based format for quick publishing.

Everything that is published with Signage Manager can be scheduled and each surface has an easily managed playlist, where you can change in what order the information should be displayed.

Easy publishing

With pre-defined templates, you can quickly create and update message that follows your graphic profile.

With Signage Manager, you can publish messages to your digital information screens in just a minute. Select a template. Click on a field to update it. Enter text or select an image. Save and publish.

You can have an unlimited number of templates for different types of messages.

Flexible Design

Use a landscape or a portrait view and design the screen any way you like. Why not use your company profile to brand it?

Possibility to divide the screen into an unlimited amount of surfaces, use background images, theme colors and adjusted fonts – the design options are endless.

You can, for instance, dedicate one surface to central company information, while another is used locally to publish rapid office news.

Automatic Feeds

Keep your screens always updated with, for example, your latest Facebook posts.

By connecting different types of data feeds your screens will automatically be updated in real-time.

Examples of popular feeds: The most recent posts from the organization’s social media channels, the newspapers’ breaking news and financial data (share prices/exchange rates).

Central and Local Messages

In Signage Manager you can build a smart structure for central and local messages.

Group all of the organization’s information screens and then decide if a message should be posted to one, several or all screens.

Spread central messages without any delay to the entire organization in a single publication, while the project team only publish local updates to the screen at their own office.

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